Village hard

village hard

In RuneScape 3, this diary is known as the Seers' Village diary, which gave the reward of a Seer's headband. This pays homage to the first diary reward, which is a leather headband that transformed into a helm. Another detail about the original Seers' Village diary was that the hard and elite tasks had a special reward to. It's seems like FS were trying too hard with this one. I think the easiest and safest strategy for the three hunters is to sneak behind the hunter in the spiral staircase visceral attack and then keep attacking him until he dies then use bold hunter mark. Then go back to the short hunter in the middle visceral attack then keep attack. On the banks of the Beaulieu River in the New Forest, you'll find the peaceful haven of Buckler's Hard, which was once a thriving shipbuilding village. village hard

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