Telugu stud

telugu stud

English to Telugu Dictionary: stud. Meaning and definitions of stud, translation in Telugu language for stud with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of stud in Telugu and in English language. P. Sankaranarayana. gums. Stud'bull, п. Bcŕáo, the place where breeding horses 86 mares are kept. vt. Kezaòoa'äë onzooíbońw, adorn with s-s or knobs. Stu'dent, n. отвез, mangimi; recio, one engaged in study or devoted to learning, learner, pupil, scholar. Stu'dentry, n. eurôsçuòoöáe, Stu'dentship, n. , iv" www*. (1) ornamental stud used in earlobes; (2) sheet of paper or letter; (3) palm leaf; ( 4) one of the castes in Andhra Pradesh, India; (ety.) this meaning probably came from éôigéo, suggesting that Kamma caste people were collective farmers;.


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