Sub raven

sub raven Raven Rising (Omega Sub) (): J. D. Cameron: Books. 29 May Raven Sub Bay - Fuse: Raven Sub Bay is a map for Echelon Mode. It's a medium -sized Facility on Sheng Island in the South China Sea. This facility is used as a hub for Rav. 19 Feb Raven Sub-Quest. Prerequisite: Completed Raven, Gavin recruitment quests, Croisment stance quest. Reward: Veteran B EXP Card x30, Veteran G EXP Card x5. Version 1. Go to Byron Red Sunset Forest and talk to Raven 2. With Raven in MCC go to Pradera Ceniza J8 and talk to Gavin. 3. Talk to. sub raven

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