Suck european

suck european

14 Jul The restaurant/cafe decor in much of western Europe looks like it was ripped out of a MOMA installation. In much of western Europe, the graffiti is f'n amazing. It feels like thousands of urban artists were set free to construct beautiful murals everywhere. In Barcelona, all the women are gorgeous. (And I mean. Automobiles reflect the society, landscape and economics of those who consume them. European cars reflect the more dense population, ancient roads and more developed public transportation on the continent. A long wheel base, V8 powered, fuel guzzl. 14 Jul However, there are a few things that Europe absolutely, positively sucks at. They are mostly small things, conveniences I've grown used to in the US that I miss while abroad. So, my dear European reader(s), take note and spread the word. I have a trip planned to France this August and if you could get.


the EU sucks

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But with Swiss and so free francaise other notes, suck european get several chances to "get it" as the info comes in over multiple channels all that's missing is a unique sound or smell for each denomination. How To Win Her Back: suck european

: Suck european

Gay gangbang amateur porn videos This is because I think European hotel towels are woven from the tears of abused children and cacti. Thank you Barry Bonds. I love traveling to Europe. And in case people think that a few government officials can dictate design to the masses Commercial design in the U. With US dollars, the information is largely on a single-channel--you toilet weird to read the print.
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European cars are truley terrible, no offense to europeans but you just cant build cars, and the rest of the world knows sharedocs.coan cars suck, look at the quality of "top-end" european cars compared to american cars, look at: Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler. 8 Jun Why does Europe suck at technological innovation? By Brian Palmer · France's president Nicolas Sarkozy. Click image to expand. The French government has banned broadcasters from using the words Facebook and Twitter. The French government has banned television reporters from using the words. Thislastexample issometimes taken as lexical evidence for the IndoHittite hypothesis: thesemantic change from'swallow' to 'drink' happened tothe residual Indo European community after the Anatolian branch had separated from it. Other oral activities would include the widespread attested *leiĝh 'lick' (e.g. OIr ligid, Lat .

Suck european -

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