Punish adult

punish adult

23 Dec DEAR AMY: My siblings and I are all middle-aged, married and live relatively close to our parents. I was the last to marry, so during my single years I bore witness to my parents' continued hurt that my brothers and sisters all "forgot" about them in adulthood. As the mom of two adult children who still live at home, I don't punish them. The rules for living in MY home are straightforward and simple, I'd expect the same respect as they would give a roommate. If they don't like the rules and refuse to abide by them they they will have to go. My role now is more of guidance counselor to. 9 Dec Only rarely does an under juvenile defendant wind up in adult court. Yet some activists would put an end to that practice in every instance, no matter the crime and no matter the criminal. But can they really prove that adult punishment is never appropriate for juveniles who've committed adult crimes?.

Punish adult -

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