Job assholes

job assholes

9 Oct In no particular order, here are Reddit's picks for the jobs that require you to be a jerk. jobs for jerks Image Credit: Heidi/Flickr. Sales. For those working in sales, it's all about making quotas and quarterly sales targets. It's just the nature of the job. One Redditor explains that it's not just that salespeople are. I have written a lot about the methods that people can use to endure and triumph when they work with abusive bosses and co-workers. This is one of the major themes in my book, The No Asshole Rule, I have been writing about this topic for years at my personal blog Work Matters, and I get a good 10 to 15 emails a week . 9 Dec Steve Jobs was known for being an asshole. He was also known for his creative genius. Maybe that's why his insults are the best insults of all the insults. While Mr . Jobs undoubtedly changed the music, phone, and computer worlds and built one of the greatest companies to ever exist, his greatest.


Workplace Jerks: Escaping Without Leaving

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I recently had a temporary gig at Goldman Sachs. If you value money above job assholes a life, seeing your family grow, sunlight, and sanity, than the money is worth it. After surfacing, 75 couples disembark. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Job assholes -

So I'd say lawyers aren't more prone to be assholes, but they're more prone to be bigger assholes than other professions. When a man becomes a father, he has to sign the Dad Union Contract. They'll take advantage of the ignorant in a way almost no other profession . job assholes [–]Roadsoda 0 points1 point2 points 8 months ago (0 children). Being a bouncer is definitely about being intimidating but I did my job for many years without being an asshole. The asshole bouncers will eventually piss off the wrong person and get a lead pipe to the back of the head late one night. 13 May and any kind of entertainment past movies or handheld games. Next, add the stress of being in a very unforgiving environment, shake well, and youll get yourself a pretty healthy bushel of assholes. Edit for spelling. Edit×2. I get it guys, the question was about what attracts assholes, not what makes them. There's this guy from my previous work place who was generally considered an asshole. He knew it himself, everyone in the office (and probably in the company) knew it, people tell him to his face and trash talk him behind his back. He can be rude.

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